site to find cheap hotels
Do You?
That’s a serious question, OR are you just jumping around from site to site, doing some research here and there only to leave you EVEN more confused?
Does this scenario sound familiar at all to you:
You have your destination in mind, and perhaps have even purchased tickets.
You are on a budget (aren’t we all, really?), so you are having to do some price shopping.
The day will come, you tell yourself. 
The day will come when you can just choose a hotel, give them your credit card information and book the room(s), WITHOUT worrying about the cost.

In fact, you sit there daydreaming for a minute or two until you come back down to earth and the sad reality hits.
That day IS NOT today.
You have come to grips with the fact that you ARE going on vacation, BUT you will be on a budget.
Starting to feel familiar at all?
We get it. 
That’s why this site was created in the first place.

Here’s the thing, with those OTHER sites, you know the ones that promise you THE CHEAPEST rates?
Yeah, sometimes those rates change by the time you check out.
Sometimes, you find all of these extra fees tacked on and the deal you thought you were getting, really wasn’t a deal to begin with.
OR even worse, you are all booked and ready to go and just happen to find ANOTHER site with cheaper rates.
Now, the question again is…
Do You Use The Best Sites To Find Cheap Hotels?

There’s a few problems that come up when you aren’t using the best travel sites to find cheap hotel rooms.
Some of them are things like:
  1. The price you see is not the price you are actually getting because all of the fees have not been calculated

  2. Your requirements AREN’T actually counted as a requirement; for example, on some of these sites when you say you NEED a non-smoking room it actually gets listed as a “preference” leaving you with no guarantees

  3. Once you book your reservations that’s it, in fact if you find it cheaper there isn’t much you can do

  4. Even if you contact them to let them know about the price difference, there isn’t much budge on it

  5. You are not getting a true comparison of all the other hotels, so you are left not knowing if your are ACTUALLY getting a good deal or not.
Should we go on?
We think you get the picture.

Last Minute Hotel Deals | Hotels In The Area Near You
When you are looking for last minute hotel deals or last minute hotel reservations, you may be tempted to go with whatever site showed up in the search engines, right?
However, sometimes things just aren’t what they seem, and if you are using the wrong site, then guess what happens?
You May Be Left Out In The Cold – Literally
So we have already run through some pretty annoying scenarios and we get it, sure you may not get the room you REALLY want, but you are saving some money…
…sure, you may have gotten stuck with paying a little more because the site wouldn’t budge on the price, but hey at least you got SOME kind of deal…
…sure, there may be OTHER cheap hotel rooms you missed out on because the site didn’t have that information…
BUT, what do you do when you are literally left out in the cold?
That can ACTUALLY happen.
Don’t believe it?
So picture this, you get to your hotel, you have the billing statement showing that you paid, when they ask you “Can you hold on Mr. Smith?” then walk to the back to talk to the hotel manager.
You anxiously watch as the two talk and you know one things for certain – this can’t be good.
The Manager frowns and shrugs his shoulders.
The front desk attendant walks back to you and says “We’re sorry, but there’s no reservation for you.  That room was already booked.”
Yes, you paid, but you aren’t getting a room.
Can you guess why?
Never mind, we’ll tell you.
Those OTHER sites.
You know the ones that said things like:
“We can get you hotel deals!”
“We’ve got hotel bargains!”
“We can show you where to find the best hotel deals!
Yeah, those ones.
Guess what?
They aren’t affiliated with the hotels, AND because they aren’t affiliated with them, then they see what everyone else gets to see.
There’s no special access for them to see if rooms have already been booked, because their site doesn’t sync with the hotel booking system.
So the sad thing is that you just may be out of a hotel room.
So, if we are counting the issues here, then…

  1. You don’t have any accommodations.

  2. You are out the money you already paid to the so-called best site to find cheap hotels.                                                                                 
  3.  You are already strapped for cash so it’s either eat and sleep where you can, OR eat one meal a day on vacation and try to find a motel close by.
So, we aren’t going to SAY we are the best site to find cheap hotels.
We’ll just give you some facts:
Fact #1:  We can save you up to 80% off of your hotel fees
Fact #2:  We’ve been around since 2006
Fact #3:  We search the MOST travel sites to get you your deals
Fact #4:  We serve over 300 million users a year
Fact #5:  We GUARANTEE cheapest prices.  Yes, if you find it cheaper, let us know and we’ll make up the difference

Very Chic Hotels
Now, you can choose to try another site that SAYS they are the best OR you can go with the facts, and the facts say that we are simply the best.
 We don’t want to keep proving it to you, so we’d rather you see for yourself.
Just enter you information in the search box and see.
We won’t even ask for any of your information up front like some of those other sites.
That’s right, you can SEE for yourself if you want the cheap rates before giving any information over.
How’s that for groundbreaking?
See BEFORE you buy.
Okay, we’re joking of course, but try it out.
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